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 Kukgi Guide

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PostSubject: Kukgi Guide   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:33 pm


Even if you can ride the through pass, it won't do anything if you do a turnaround shot or a frogger. Look at the picture below. The arrows, on the different sections of the court, indicates what button you should push when you press D to shoot. (thanks to MunkTheQuick for making this good diagram)

Still don't understand what those arrows means? Let me give you an example. Lets say you are running away from the basket and want to take a shot on the area shaded GREEN. If you just press D while not facing the basket, you will do a turnaround shot and that is a guaranteed miss. What you would do is press and hold UP before you press D to shoot. By doing this, your character will do a spin during his/her shooting motion and this will allow him/her to face the basket for a good shot. The same thing would apply to the other sectors of the court. You woud press and hold LEFT before pressing D on the area shaded BLUE, press and hold RIGHT before pressing D on the area shaded RED, and so forth... BTW, this also applies to shooting 3-pointers. Just extend the colored portions out past the 3pt line and follow the same concept. I like to hold down the correct directional buttons even if I'm already facing the basket, it's a good habit to have. You never know what will happen, so just do it to be safe.


OK, once you have mastered shooting from anywhere on the court, it's time to learn how to ride the through pass. Do you see why the through pass skill is so important? Without it, kukgi is IMPOSSIBLE. Although you can ride the through pass from anyone who has it equipped, a PG is preferred because, from my experience, a PG passing makes your kukgi better. In order to ride the through pass, you need to know the timing of the person that's passing you the ball. This is why a good PG will always keep his/her passing pattern the same in order not to mess up the other person (more on this in the PG guide). What you need to do is change the direction of where you are running to right when the other person is passing you the ball. The perfect scenario for this is you changing direction right when the other person presses S. If you performed it correctly, your character will experienced a temporary speed boost in your new direction and this will create just enough opening for you to take a shot. The whole point is for you to change direction when the ball is in the air flying to your hands. If you somehow find yourself dribbling with the ball, then you are probably too late in your change of direction and the "riding the pass" effect is gone.

You can change to whatever direction you want, however I like to use, what I like to call, one button changes. This mean that I only need to press one button for the change of direction. For example, lets say I am running UP parallel to the basket. I correctly guess that my PG is passing me the ball. At this point, I would then press LEFT, RIGHT, or DOWN (only one button) to change my direction in order to get open. Some people like to press more than one button for their direction. Like pressing DOWN & RIGHT for a diagonal pattern. I have also seen people who like to do, what I like to call, THE CIRCLE PATTERN, to get open. This involves using 3 or buttons to ride the through pass. I'll let you decide on this part.



Let me give you an example of a complete kukgi shot. Lets say I am running down and away from the basket towards the YELLOW colored portion of the court. I correctly predict that my PG is passing me the ball. I would then press LEFT or RIGHT to change direction in order to get open. (I don't see UP as an option here because you would just be running towards your defender and that would defeat the purpose of getting open...) I should now experience a short speed burst from the pass. Right when the ball touches my hands, I would press and hold LEFT or RIGHT then press D to shoot. (I pressed and held LEFT or RIGHT here because I figured I would still be in the YELLOW portion of the court, if I had rode the pass all the way to the RED or BLUE portions, then I would press and hold the appropriate direction in respect to that sector.)



Kukgi is not always unblockable.

Kukgi will not guarantee a 100% shot, you will still miss.

If you hear "NICE PASS!" when someone is passing you the ball, then this increases the chance of your shot to be unblockable and going in.

All Credits to www.kh0a.com

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Kukgi Guide
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